Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to make Follett Destiny Library software play nice with Google Chrome.

I received a question this past week posing this question:  

"My library uses Follett Destiny for our library maintenance/circulation program.  We also use Google Chrome, my principal wants us to migrate us entirely from Internet Explorer/Firefox to Chrome. The problem is when I check in a series of books in Destiny while using Google Chrome, I have to manually put the cursor back in the box each time.  It's so frustrating!  Have any of you solved this problem? I talked to a Follett rep today and he seems to think there isn't a solution, but I did find this discussion thread:!msg/chrome/hNPy98VrhPk/WumDjccf_DIJ
It talks about installing an extension called: "IE Tab Multi (Enhance)" and then tweaking it further.  Unfortunately, it didn't say how to tweak it! Thanks for any ideas! "

It was funny this was happening to me as well but I never gave it a second thought, after some research here is the solution I came up with:

I downloaded IE Tab from the Chrome store and it works like a charm.  The only fix I had to do was to go to my Destiny site like I would normally do in Chrome then in the top right-hand corner of the browser you will see a very small logo of a folder with a globe in it.  Click that and it will open your Destiny page in an IE tab.  IE Tab makes a webpage act as if you were viewing it in Internet Explorer instead of Chrome. As of the moment the cursor is staying in the box and working like it should.  

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