Monday, October 31, 2016

Not able to print from Rediker's Admin Plus?

I ran across this issue last week when we replaced our SPED department's Windows 7 desktops with Windows 10 desktops.  They had no issue printing from Windows 7 but lo and behold, they could not print from Windows 10 or from my Windows 8 desktop.  

Before I started my quest, we could print our reports but we had to save them as a .pdf file then print them from the software that handles the .pdf.  It worked but it was a pain.

When you tried to print a report the "printer" window opened up and the default printer was named, "double-click to print".  We doubled clicked and nothing happen, no document printing, no error messages...NADA.  My understanding is that Admin Plus (AP)is let's just say...very DOSy.  DOS as in the computer language that you used in the Command Prompt in Windows. 

We all print via IP printers/copiers (Konica BizHubs).  My first thought, since AP is DOSy, all I had to do was associated our BizHubs IP address with the printer port LPT1.  So I went into DOS (am I dating myself?)...I mean Command Prompt, used  the "net use" command and associated the IP address with LPT1.  Still nothing.  Next I shared the printer on the desktop, using it as a printer server.  I once again used "net use" command, this time to associate LPT1 with the shared name of the printer  (i.e. \\paul\spedbizhub). The command took but still nothing.  When I clicked on the printer "double-click to print", I noticed it also read "UniPrint Universal Client".  I googled it and found the company and their print clients (software).  I downloaded the appropriate client, installed it.  On the reboot if you look at the system tray in Windows (lower right-hand side near the time) you now saw a blue UP "logo", that is the UniPrint client. Using that, you can set a default printer and some other helpful tasks.  I went back into AP, selected a report and VOILA it worked like a charm!!  

The skinny of this was that we needed an updated UniPrint Client and once we did that, everything work.