Saturday, March 9, 2013

What's your financial I.Q?

Came across this article (pdf file) in March 3rd's Boston Sunday Globe and since this blog is about saving money AND education, I figured it would be a nice side trip!  The article talks about financial literacy and gives a 12 question quiz.  The Globe got the quiz from Northwestern Mutual, FINRA Investor Education Foundation.  A Harvard professor gave it to 50 students who attended a financial workshop hosted by the Harvard University Employees Credit Union.  

This is how the grading of the quiz broke down:
  • A - 1%
  • B - 5%
  • C - 10%
  • D - 15%
  • F - 69%
The article and a paper from Northwestern Mutual went on to say that this country as a whole need to improve it financial literacy skills.  Take the quiz!  The slides will move after 5 seconds and the percentage of the students that got the answer right will be listed under the correct answer.

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